Natty Light wants to praise your degree for his student debt campaign

A day after President Donald Trump proposed a 2021 national budget that effectively cutting the student loan forgiveness programNatty Light has announced that they want to rent your college degrees in exchange for money.

Now in the third year of its student debt relief campaign, the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand – also known as Natural Light – is offering up to $100 to “rent” degrees as part of a “highly classified plan” to raise awareness about student debt in America. The effort comes as the total student loan burden in the United States hits $1.6 trillion, an increase of $10 billion from the previous year.

This year, university graduates over the age of 21 can complete an online rental agreement in exchange for a prepaid envelope to send diplomas no larger than 9.75 by 12.25 inches. Upon receipt of the document, Natty Light will send money via either

cash app

or by check, and the company ensures that it will keep the diploma in a safe place “with the promise to return it in exactly the same condition”.

A representative for Natural Light declined to provide additional information to Business Insider on how the degrees will be used.

Natty Light first launched its student loan relief program in 2018, when he pledged $10 million over 10 years in a Super Bowl commercial. While the promotion was welcomed by recent graduates struggling to pay off crippling debt, it also cast a shadow over the state of college affordability in America.

On Monday, the Trump administration released ‘A Budget for America’s Future’ which calls for cutting $170 billion in spending on student loans, contributing to a total of $5.6 billion in cuts to the department. American of Education. Specifically, Trump’s proposed budget limits repayment options and reduces the Student Loan Forgiveness Program, a policy that writes off remaining debt for nonprofit and government employees after 10 years of service.

natty light diploma

Natural light

For Natty Light, the timing of her campaign contrasts with the continued turmoil over the government’s role in student debt relief, which remains a point of contention on both sides of the aisle leading up to the 2020 election.

“College debt remains one of the most pressing issues facing Americans today, so we’re proud to continue supporting the Natty community by coming back with another million dollars to help ease some of the burden.” , said Daniel Blake, senior director of US value brands. at AB InBev, said in a press release.

For those less inclined to send in their hard-earned card stock, Natty Light is also offering a social media contest this year, in which individuals can post a video detailing how they would celebrate if all their loans were repaid.

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