Debt relief and statement information updates


On April 6, VHA stopped printing and sending monthly patient statements. VA understands that COVID-19 has negatively affected some veterans. As a result, VA will not charge interest or add administrative fees, and will suspend collection actions on healthcare debts until at least December 31, 2020.

Monthly patient statements may resume in January 2021. Statements will include co-payments for medical care and prescriptions received since the suspension of patient surveys, in addition to co-payment fees unpaid before April 2020.

In November 2020, Veterans with a balance in their accounts will receive a newsletter only that will indicate that balance and contain information on how to make a payment, should Veterans choose to do so. Staff will also make calls to Veterans with balances over $ 2,000.

Veterans can make voluntary payments while filings are suspended. Veterans will need their account number to access their balance and other related information.

You can get an account balance by:

  • Call 866-400-1238.
  • Call the facility’s revenue office at your local VA medical center.
  • Looking at the letter, VA will send to veterans in November 2020, which will include a checking account balance.

payment methods

Methods by which a Veteran can pay on a balance:

  • By phone at 888-827-4817; The veteran must have an account number.
  • By mail to: Department of Veterans Affairs, PO Box 3978, Portland, OR 97208-3978.


Debt relief options are still available to veterans. They understand:

  • Set up a repayment plan.
  • Request a waiver, write-off or compromise of your debt.
  • Request a determination of VA difficulties.

For more information visit or contact a VA Medical Center billing office.

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