Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Nintendo Switch is incorrectly listed in Japan


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was released a year after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, which some fans have requested a port. The developer, Warhorse Studios, has not confirmed a Nintendo Switch release.

On Nintendo’s Japanese calendar, a list for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition appeared by surprise. This version was never announced by the developer or publisher Deep Silver. The Japanese version of the game was released by DMM games.

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The release date was set for February 18, five days after its initial launch in 2018. Fans wondered if this was a surprise for the New Year.

Unfortunately, the list was wrong. Warhorse Studios public relations director Tobi Stolz-Zwilling confirmed the listing was in error. The company looked into the matter and had the list removed. The public relations manager said he would personally like to see Kingdom Come: Deliverance on the Switch, but there were no plans to wear it at this time.

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The Kingdom Come: DeliveranceRoyal Edition The Nintendo Switch port was only listed on Nintendo’s Japanese calendar and nowhere else. The game will launch soon in Japan on February 18 for PlayStation 4. This release date is confirmed via DMM Games.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance tells the story of Henri, the son of a blacksmith, living in the kingdom of Bohemia. The developer aspired to create a historically accurate game without any of the fantastic elements seen on other RPGs set in medieval times.

The Royal Edition is the full version of the game. It contains the base game plus all DLC including Treasures from the past, Ashes, The adventures of love of the daring Sir Hans Capon, Bunch of bastards, and The fate of a woman.

Warhorse Studios then released an official set of modding tools for players to create custom content for the game. So far, many players have created custom weapons, costumes, and more to continue the adventures of the game. ‘Henry.

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Contrary to what was stated on the official Nintendo website in Japan, there are no plans to release Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Nintendo Switch for now. The only confirmed Japanese releases for the game are DMM Game of the Year and Royal Edition for the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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