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Without much fanfare, Nintendo began accepting prepaid cards to add balance to the Nintendo Switch user’s account. The novelty inaugurates a third way of paying for a game, the other two being issued by the store in its web version by credit card or bank transfer.

Gift card with R $ 100 for eShop (Image: Promotions / Nintendo)

Little by little, one step at a time, Nintendo is returning to Brazil. The most recent movement of the Japanese company is the arrival of prepaid cards, which must be used within the eShop. The idea is basically the same as that already used by other services, like the cards for Spotify, Office 365, Netflix, Xbox Live, PSN and Blizzard.

In the case of Nintendo, the cards found in Brazilian stores offer a value of R $ 100 and R $ 250. Any amount is added to the user’s account and can be used to purchase a specific game, which gives a discount on the value of a Game. It costs more (the rest must be paid by credit card) or even subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

At the time of publication of this article, it is not possible to use the balance of the gift card for purchases made in the eShop open on PC in the browser. On the other hand, only this mode of sale of the game makes it possible to pay for the title with a bank slip.

Nintendo has already sold prepaid cards in Brazil

Until these cards arrived with closing prices, Nintendo focused on other gift cards already purchased for specific purchases only. They can be up to and including games (up to pennies, for example, billed for R $ 250.79 Mario party), Or for a Nintendo Switch online subscription for a period of one, three or 12 months.

The player then takes the code present on the card, in addition to being digitally sold and distributed by an official store on the B2W network to an official partner, for redemption within the console itself – where the download has already started. .

In addition to prepaid gift cards with prizes or a game for a Nintendo Network membership, the Brazilian gamer was able to purchase the game directly from the eShop through the Nintendo Switch screen in December of last year.

It sounds confusing and it really is. There are two types of official Nintendo stores to sell and distribute your game, the eShop. The first was effective for Brazilians at the end of 2020, opening only one window to redeem a game code – purchased only by gift card. The second is complete, with a code allowing access to almost any title without the need for a prepaid card.

According to Nintendo, the entire Ishop is only available in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico when only the countries of the United States are considered. Those with an account registered in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru can only use the field to cash out a game purchased with a gift card.

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