Your new dream job? Nintendo Japan recruits level designers for new 2D game



DDoes “over 1000 hours on Super Mario Maker” count as relevant experience?

Nintendo has a lot on his plate these days, with the next one New Pokémon Snap on the Switch and its ongoing collaborations with Lego. There is certainly a lot to look forward to, but an upcoming collaboration that no one expected is, well, potentially with you.

For all of us who have dreamed of working for Nintendo, the company is currently looking for level designers for an upcoming game. While it has not been announced if the game will be for a new franchise or a new installment of a current franchise, the job application makes it clear that the next game will be a 2D game, i.e. 3D games currently in development for Nintendo like Bayonet 3 and one Breath of the wild the rest is probably off the table.

Potential applicants should have a good command of Japanese, as they will be working in Nintendo’s Tokyo office. However, the job listing adds the curious addendum of “You don’t need to have experience in video game production”, which perhaps means our many hours of sitting on the floor of the Goombas crushing chamber could actually count as valuable work experience.

â–¼ We knew every hour we spent Super Mario Maker 2 it was time well spent!

time well spent! Successful applicants will have an annual starting salary of between 3.8 million and 8.1 million yen (approximately US $ 35,800 to US $ 76,300) depending on their ability and work experience. So if this sounds like your dream job, be sure to send in your resume quickly, because you sure won’t be the only one applying.

While there is no news on what the new 2-D game will be, Twitter was always ready with a few suggestions and requests.

“PLEASE be a new 2-D Mario… please !!”
“I can see Yoshi, so maybe it’s a new Yoshi game !!”
“I don’t know… nothing can beat Super Mario Bros. 3.”
“What about a new 2D Zelda?” “

Since we won’t be able to visit Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World anytime soon, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to create the Nintendo world you’ve always dreamed of.

Source: Nintendo, Twitter @ Nintendo via Hachima Kiko
Image: YouTube / Nintendo
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