RPG removed from Nintendo eShop for Stealing Legend of Zelda soundtrack



While the Nintendo eShop has a high tolerance for low-quality game releases, Final Sword’s use of Zelda music was too much for the Big N.

game deleted from eshop

As Nintendo embraces the indie gaming space like never before, the eShop faces an influx of schlock from any quality approval system. In this case, it seems the quality of a title wasn’t the only thing Nintendo stepped in and pulled the game up for.

Final sword is an indie action RPG released on July 2 via Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Published by HUP Games, Final sword is actually a port of a mobile game. While it’s typically one of the many ‘asset switching’ games to hit digital platforms, Final sword featured a specific song that prompted Nintendo to step in.

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Japanese Twitter user MossarilyOBJECT posted a video of the game to Twitter after finding a familiar and famous song. Accompanying the arid landscape of Final sword is a song that strikes an extremely similar tune to “Zelda’s Lullaby” composed by Koji Kondo. The song was featured throughout the The Legend of Zelda franchise and is considered one of the most iconic and recognizable songs in Nintendo’s vast catalog.

The video has been viewed over 400,000 times, attracting considerable attention, which probably prompted Nintendo to take notice. Nintendo’s Japanese website discovered that just four days after launch and two days after mossarilyOBJECT’s tweet, Final sword was no longer available for purchase on the Japanese eShop. Searching European and North American eShops now also displays an error message meaning that it is no longer available in any region.

While Final swordThe withdrawal from the eShop shows that Nintendo is ready to withdraw games, indicating a bigger issue with the eShop in general. Nintendo has adopted a much more free system of allowing indie games on the platform, regardless of their quality. It’s starting to come under similar criticism as Valve’s Steam platform due to a significant lack of quality control standards over the past decade. While Final sword was a glaring example, there are plenty of other games going through the cracks with copyrighted content that is misused.

While Nintendo continues to have a QA issue on small indies, that doesn’t mean the platform is devoid of great games across the development spectrum. The eShop is currently offering summer sales with big discounts on popular and famous games. So during Final sword may not be available, there are many more and much better options.

Final sword is no longer available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch platform but is available on mobile devices through the Google Play Store.

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Source: Japanese Nintendo, GoNintendo

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