Average Nintendo Japan employee earns $ 80,000, works less than 8 hours a day



The platform owner’s recruiting page also reveals that an average worker spends 13.5 years in the company

Nintendo has revealed some interesting statistics about its work culture, including average working hours and salary.

A recruitment page on the company’s Japanese website (spotted by Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad) offers a breakdown for graduates considering applying for the platform holder and states that the average annual salary is 9.03 million yen ($ 80,000) – although entry-level salaries are obviously considerably lower.

Employees also potentially receive bonuses in June and December, as well as a pay rise each April.

It also reveals that the average workday at Nintendo is seven hours and forty-five minutes, with head office staff starting and ending slightly earlier than those in development.

As of September 2018, Nintendo employed 2,271 regular employees, with an average age of 38.6 years. Full-time employees stay in the company for an average of 13.5 years.

The company plans to hire 81 graduates this year, a significant increase from the 59 it hired last year (which in itself was a gradual improvement over the previous three years).

It’s an interesting look into the working practices of a major video game company following the reinvigorated discussion of the industry crisis last year, sparked by Dan Houser’s revelation that some of the staff of Rockstar worked 100 hours a week on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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