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This is how much Nintendo Japan (AKA Greatest Job on Earth) employees earn in a year

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  • Nintendo Japan recruits 81 graduate employees
  • Benefits to the company include a shorter working day and a high salary
  • Probably play a lot of Zelda too

    It’s the kind of job you expected when you were a kid, but common sense dictates that working at Nintendo isn’t as fun as it sounds. At least that’s what you tell yourself, every morning, as you prepare for another day without a half hour. Mario kart breaks.

    Well, we’re sorry to tell you, but working in the office of the Japanese gaming giant is, otherwise quite as bright as you once imagined, still much, much better than anything you have right now.

    Nintendo Japan is currently looking for 81 new graduate employees, from music producers to game developers, and the benefits revealed by their Twitter recruitment announcements are quite impressive.

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    The company’s 2,271 employees (who have a median age of 38.6) have an average annual salary of 90.3 million yen, or about 60,750 pounds sterling. The average business graduate can expect to earn around £ 1,754 per month.

    In addition, employees only work approximately 7 hours 45 minutes per day. With regular bonuses scheduled throughout the year, it’s no wonder people stay for an average of 13.5 years. Employees work primarily in the company’s Kyoto office, with occasional internships in Tokyo.

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    Nintendo Japan employee salary and benefits

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    As Nintendo prepares to launch its very first Japanese flagship, the video game company is going to need everyone on deck. As such, the company’s Japanese branch is implementing massive hiring across the board, with its job board revealing key details of employee benefits.

    The Japanese hiring page reveals that Nintendo Japan is looking for everything from music producers and international sales management to game developers, with the goal of hiring 81 new graduates straight out of school. This is an increase of 22 people from 2017, when Nintendo hired 59 graduates. These hires will complement Nintendo’s current workforce of 2,271, who have an average age of 38.6 years. The average time spent with Nintendo? 13.5 years old, with an average annual salary of 90.3 million JPY (approximately 80,000 USD) as of March 2018 – these graduates can expect to start their careers at Nintendo and earn up to 258,000 JPY per month (approximately $ 2,310).

    If that weren’t enough, Nintendo also reveals that employees enjoy a workday of around 7 hours 45 minutes (not counting an hour of break), with 125 days of vacation per year (this figure includes Saturdays and Sundays). ). Bonuses are awarded in June and December, with increases scheduled for April. Employees also spend most of their time in Kyoto, with Nintendo looking to move some of the staff to Tokyo depending on the mission.

    Check out all the job details on the Nintendo Japan website.

    Recently, beloved Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced his retirement.

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    Average Nintendo Japan employee earns $ 80,000, works less than 8 hours a day

    The platform owner’s recruiting page also reveals that an average worker spends 13.5 years in the company

    Nintendo has revealed some interesting statistics about its work culture, including average working hours and salary.

    A recruitment page on the company’s Japanese website (spotted by Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad) offers a breakdown for graduates considering applying for the platform holder and states that the average annual salary is 9.03 million yen ($ 80,000) – although entry-level salaries are obviously considerably lower.

    Employees also potentially receive bonuses in June and December, as well as a pay rise each April.

    It also reveals that the average workday at Nintendo is seven hours and forty-five minutes, with head office staff starting and ending slightly earlier than those in development.

    As of September 2018, Nintendo employed 2,271 regular employees, with an average age of 38.6 years. Full-time employees stay in the company for an average of 13.5 years.

    The company plans to hire 81 graduates this year, a significant increase from the 59 it hired last year (which in itself was a gradual improvement over the previous three years).

    It’s an interesting look into the working practices of a major video game company following the reinvigorated discussion of the industry crisis last year, sparked by Dan Houser’s revelation that some of the staff of Rockstar worked 100 hours a week on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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