Nintendo Japan gets three new 2DS XL bundles

Nintendo Japan announced three new Nintendo 2DS XL bundles today and they’re pretty cool – unfortunately, you’ll only be able to pick them up in Japan. Nintendo is releasing a animal crossing bundle, a “new” Mario Kart 7 package, and a Minecraft pack.

If you’re not already familiar with the 2DS handhelds that Nintendo released, they’re pretty much an entry level for the 3DS system that was released in 2011. The difference between the two is that the 2DS doesn’t has no 3DS capabilities, but has a big screen like its big brother, the 3DS.

The first is the animal crossing 2DS XL package. From the image below you can tell that the face of the system has the title of the game “animal crossingon it with some trees and a house. It’s a nice, subtle facade and nothing too flashy. Any fan of this game would probably love this.

The second is the Mario Kart 7 bundle, and unlike the previous 2DS version which featured a blue and black color scheme, this year you’re looking at a sleek new red and black color scheme.

Mario-Kart-7-2DS-XL Bundle

Finally, Nintendo Japan will release a Minecraft version of the 2DS XL. This version is probably the coolest of them all, as Nintendo makes the face of the console a “creeper” of the actual game.

Minecraft-2DS-XL Bundle

The animal crossing and Mario Kart 7 the bundles will be released on July 19, this month while the Minecraft variant will be released on August 2. The downside is that it hasn’t been mentioned when and if these versions of the 2DS XL will be heading to local retailers. Each bundle will automatically come with the mentioned titles, so there is no need to go and buy the game in a store or through the eShop.

Pricing for the Minecraft the package is set at ¥16,980 while the other two will cost ¥15,980.

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Source: All About Nintendo

Last updated July 3, 2018.


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