How to create a Japanese Nintendo eShop account



If you often bemoan the fact that you don’t live in Japan so that you can get access to all of those awesome Japanese games available on the Nintendo Switch or those on the horizon, don’t worry. If you didn’t already know, the Switch is regionless, and there is actually something very simple and very cool you can do right now to access Japanese games and demos, much like the next one. Monster Hunter XX demo which will launch in Japan next week on August 10th. It’s a very simple and easy process to do, and you don’t even have to take a lot of time to do it. You can create your own Nintendo Account to use with the Japanese eShop in a snap, and here’s how.

Create a new Nintendo Account

This one is easy. Create a brand new Nintendo Account, but when creating it, be sure to choose the Japanese region instead of your own this time. Go to the My Nintendo website and start from there, and just follow the onscreen instructions. This part should be very self-explanatory, especially if you’ve already created an account with your regular Switch, and you should have done so already if you have your own login name for your system.

Log into your switch

When you turn on your Switch, it’s time to create a new user account. Select an icon, then use the account you just created on the My Nintendo website and link your Nintendo Switch account to your Nintendo ID. Make sure to choose Japan for the correct region again. Continue with the setup and you should be done!

From now on, all you will need to do to log into the Japanese eShop is choose the specific user that you have linked to your Japanese account and head to the eShop icon to start the download. You can also buy Japanese games if you have the funds available, but you will be charged for international transactions.

And that’s about it ! You are now ready to start downloading and playing various Japanese eShop demos and games that you did not have access to before. Good game !


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