Classic Pokemon tops Nintendo eShop records

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow combined to dominate the Nintendo eShop, crowding out the old bestseller, Super Smash Bros.

Someday we’ll go a week without a lot of Pokémon stories … but this week is not that week! Pokemon’s 20th anniversary was celebrated with dramatic Flar… eon, with one of its most delicious treats being the release of the original triad of Pokemon-Red, Blue (Green in Japan) and Yellow titles in Nintendo eShop in as Virtual Console titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo today announced (as reported by GameSpot) that all three handsets have set a new sales record, as the best-selling eShop title, surpassing Super Smash Bros for 3DS.

It’s good to be clear – it’s not just one of those games that beat Smash (although we know, of course, that Blue is the top title of the three) but all three with their combined powers… well they’re all probably the same game, anyway. It’s still a laudable achievement and a testament to Pokemon’s continued hold on its audiences 20 years after its release. Many of those downloads were surely a new generation of Pokémon trainers who had never played the original games before. It’s nice to imagine the image that Pokemon has included in many of its promotional materials this year – that of an adult Pokemon trainer, someone who has played the original games, sitting next to their child, their showcasing the games they loved years ago.

Commenting on the trio’s success, Nintendo said, “With classic graphics and timeless gameplay, these versions of the original Pokemon adventure are proving to be a popular way for fans to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary.” Nintendo didn’t give any specific sales figures for Pokemon or Smash.

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow are all available on Nintendo eShop now for US $ 9.99 each. Pokémon captured in these titles will be available for transfer to future Holiday titles Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, so trade with your friends (you can, wireless!) to catch them all!

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