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Nintendo Japan launches new SNES (Super Famicom)-themed 3DS XL

Last week, Nintendo announced that old-school SNES games such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country will be available exclusively through Virtual Console on the New 3DS and New 3DS XL handheld systems. In Japan, there’s even more reason to be nostalgic for this 16-bit resurgence as Ninty introduces an all-new New 3DS XL designed to resemble the much-loved Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or Super Famicom as it is). been marked in the mother country).

Teasing snaps of the new laptop revealed in the Japanese edition of Nintendo Direct showed stunning retro detail on traditional gray plastic – the stuff all classic Nintendo consoles were once made of. When opening the notebook’s clamshell design, the paint job on this special edition New 3DS XL looks exactly like the Super Nintendo and features all the familiar buttons of the early ’90s console, including Start, Eject. and Reset as well as the red power indicator (all non-functional). The actual 3DS control knobs are available in the same classic colors (red, blue, green, and yellow) that were included on the original SNES pad. All the ports and buttons of the new 3DS are also where you expect them

Seeing it is instantly falling in love with it, and it’s probably our favorite of all Nintendo’s 3DS variants (and there have been plenty). But unfortunately for us here in the western world, the new Famicom-themed 3DS XL will only be available in Japan with no launch announcements elsewhere in the world. If you want to import one, it’ll set you back 21,600 yen (around £ 145) when the handheld goes on sale in April.

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